Human & Democratic Rights​

Human & Democratic Rights of marginalized communities are mostly ignored, especially in developing countries. The GTO is conducting awareness raising sessions with Transgender Community, Women, Children, Persons with Disability, minorities and sensitizing youth, citizens, media, police, CSOs and officials to ensure protection of Human and democratic rights in Punjab-Pakistan.

To ensure women participation in political & democratic process and ensure their basic rights, GTO has facilitated more than 31,000 women from far-flung rural areas in getting their National Identity Cards and voter registration. Through multiple seminars, meetings and conferences, the organization sensitizing communities and other stakeholders on right to vote, fundamental rights and rule of law.

The GTO is initiating interventions to ensure Local Body Elections in Punjab. So maximum women participation in local democratic system could be ensured. Media Briefings, Seminars, Social Media interventions and stakeholders’ meetings are going on.

The Organization has established Trans-Rights Protection Network in Punjab and 12 CSOs, working on trans-rights are its members. The GTO is conducting its regular meetings to discuss progress and future planning.

GTO has established Children Club to ensure child participation in decision making and legislative process in Punjab. Children club members are trained on child rights laws in the province.

Different sports events between trans-community and youth are organized and social media programs are recorded on the rights of children, women, persons with disability, minorities and transgender community and shared at broader level.