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Police Capacity Building Workshop on Child Protection Laws

A Police Capacity Building Workshop on Child Protection Laws is an event aimed at educating police officers on child protection laws and building their capacity to enforce them effectively. It covers topics such as child abuse, trafficking, labor, marriage, and exploitation. The workshop provides theoretical and practical training, including case studies, to enhance the officers’ knowledge and skills in handling child protection cases. Its objective is to promote child rights and ensure children are protected from all forms of abuse and exploitation.

Consultation on Child Rights

A consultative session with political parties on child-related laws is a meeting that aims to discuss and review existing laws related to the protection of children. The session involves political parties, policymakers, and other stakeholders who have an interest in promoting child rights and welfare. The focus is on reviewing child protection laws and identifying areas where improvements can be made to strengthen them. The session may also provide an opportunity to develop new laws or amend existing ones to address emerging issues affecting children. The objective of the session is to ensure that child-related laws are effective, up-to-date, and adequately enforced to safeguard children’s rights and protect them from harm.

Meeting with High Officials of Punjab Assembly

CEO-GTO facilitated an insightful session on Child Rights Protection legislation in Punjab, with the participation of high-ranking officials from the Provincial Assembly. The session aimed to analyze the existing legislation for child rights and determine the necessary steps to ensure child protection in the province. We are committed to creating a safer environment for children and promoting their rights to education, health, and well-being. Through our efforts, we aim to create a brighter future for the children of Punjab. Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing initiatives to protect and promote child rights in the province. #ChildRights #PunjabLegislation #ProtectOurChildren”


Meeting with Members of Punjab Assembly

GTO-Pakistan had the privilege of attending a meeting with the Minister of Social Welfare and other members of the Punjab Legislative Assembly to discuss legislative reforms aimed at protecting the rights of children. The meeting was focused on strategies for ensuring the safety and well-being of children, and we discussed a range of topics related to child protection, including child abuse prevention, child labor, and access to education. As a participant in this important conversation, GTO Team was honored to contribute their perspective and insights on these critical issues. We believe that the protection of child rights is essential to creating a brighter future for our children, and we are committee to advocating for their rights and well-being. 

Consultative Session with Civil Society

A consultative session with civil society on child protection laws is a crucial step towards creating effective policies that prioritize the welfare of children. Civil society plays a vital role in advocating for children’s rights, and their input can help ensure that policies are responsive to the needs of children. Issues related to child protection are complex and multifaceted, including but not limited to child abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence. A consultative session with civil society can provide a platform for dialogue and collaboration between policymakers, government agencies, and civil society organizations. During the session, stakeholders can discuss and deliberate on various aspects of child protection laws, including their implementation, enforcement, and monitoring mechanisms. Additionally, the session can focus on identifying gaps and challenges in the current child protection laws and proposing solutions to address these issues. 

Meeting with Members of Punjab Assembly

GTO-Pakistan held meeting with Minister of Social Welfare and other members of the Punjab Legislative Assembly to discuss legislative reforms for safeguarding children’s rights. The conversation focused on strategies to ensure children’s safety, covering topics such as child abuse prevention, child labor, and education access. The GTO team contributed their insights and perspectives on these issues, emphasizing their commitment to advocating for child rights and well-being. 

Meeting with National Commission for Human Rights(NCRC)

The National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) and Good Thinkers Organization (GTO) came together in a meeting to discuss joint interventions for the protection of Human Rights in Punjab-Pakistan. The primary focus of the collaboration was to ensure the safety and well-being of vulnerable groups, such as children, women, and transgender individuals. The meeting aimed to identify the challenges faced by these communities and to develop strategies for addressing them effectively. The joint efforts of NCHR and GTO are a positive step towards promoting Human Rights in Punjab, and it is hoped that this partnership will result in meaningful change for those who have long been marginalized and oppressed.

Capacity Building Session on Child Rights

A capacity building session with civil society on child rights is crucial for promoting and protecting children’s rights. Civil society plays a vital role in advocating for children’s rights, and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills can enhance their advocacy efforts. During the session, participants can learn about legal frameworks and international conventions that protect children’s rights, strategies for promoting and protecting these rights in their communities, and how to report and respond to child rights violations. 

International Day of Girl Child 2022

The International Day of the Girl Child is celebrated annually on October 11th to create awareness of the obstacles faced by girls worldwide and promote their empowerment. The theme for 2021 is “Digital Generation. Our Generation.” Girls experience many challenges, including gender discrimination, lack of access to education and healthcare, early marriage, and violence. This day emphasizes the significance of investing in girls’ education and health, ensuring their safety, and supporting their rights. This year’s theme highlights the digital divide that exists between boys and girls, particularly in developing countries, where girls often lack access to technology or face cultural barriers. By marking this day, we can raise awareness of these issues and advocate for gender equality policies to empower girls to achieve their full potential.



Meeting with District Election Commissioner Kasur

The Good Thinkers Organization’s commitment to promoting inclusive democracy by ensuring equal access to participate in democratic processes, including the right to vote, is commendable. Their meeting with the District Election Commissioner is a positive step towards achieving this goal. The partnership can ensure that women, transgender individuals, and persons with disabilities can register to vote and exercise their democratic rights. Awareness-raising campaigns can address barriers preventing registration, such as lack of access to information, transportation, or physical barriers. The campaigns can educate people about their rights and the importance of participating in the democratic process. The collaboration between the Good Thinkers Organization and the District Election Commissioner can make a significant contribution to promoting inclusive democracy and ensuring that everyone has an equal voice in the democratic process.

Capacitated Children on their Rights

Empowering children with knowledge about their basic rights is essential for their participation in society. Children have the right to education, expressing their opinions, and participating in decision-making processes that impact their lives. Protecting children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and providing them with basic needs such as food, shelter, and healthcare is also vital. Capacitating sessions can be an effective tool for promoting children’s personal and social development. These sessions enable children to gain confidence, knowledge, and skills that can be applied to various aspects of their lives, contributing to their empowerment and positive change for society.


Stakeholder Consultation Regarding Provincial Legislation for Trans Community

Consulting a diverse group of stakeholders, including trans individuals, human rights activists, legal experts, government officials, and civil society organizations, is crucial when creating provincial legislation for trans rights in Punjab. The consultation process should gather feedback on key components such as the definition of gender identity, protection against discrimination, access to healthcare and education, and legal recognition of gender. The consultation must be inclusive, transparent, and accessible to all stakeholders, and the feedback gathered must be considered and incorporated into the legislation to ensure it is effective in protecting the rights of trans individuals.

Interface Meeting between Trans Leader & Govt Department

An interface meeting was held between a transgender leader and a government department to discuss society behavior towards the transgender community. The meeting aimed to create a dialogue between the two parties and address issues related to discrimination and marginalization faced by the transgender community. The discussion focused on the importance of creating awareness and sensitivity towards the community and promoting their social inclusion. Both parties emphasized the need for collaboration to develop policies and programs that protect the rights and promote the welfare of the transgender community. The meeting was a step towards building a constructive relationship between the transgender community and government agencies, ensuring their meaningful participation in society.

Meeting with Secretary Provincial Assembly-Punjab on Child Rights

GTO met with the Secretary of Provincial Assembly-Punjab to discuss child protection legislative reforms. They stressed the need for a comprehensive legal framework prioritizing children’s safety, stronger reporting mechanisms, and increased penalties for offenders. They emphasized the need for collaboration with all stakeholders. GTO received a positive response and is optimistic about the potential for real change. They will continue to work towards creating a safer environment for children in Punjab through legislative reforms and other initiatives.

Consultative Session with Transgenders during COVID-19

Good Thinkers Organization (GTO) recently held a consultation with stakeholders to ensure the inclusion of the transgender community in philanthropic support during the COVID-19 pandemic. GTO President, Mr. Waqas Abid Advocate, is leading efforts to create a comprehensive support mechanism that includes everyone, regardless of their gender identity. The pandemic has disproportionately affected marginalized communities, including the transgender community, and GTO is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all members of the community. 

Sensitization Session for Youth

In Punjab, it is crucial to raise awareness and sensitize youth about the importance of protecting trans rights. This requires educating young people on issues that trans individuals face, such as discrimination, exclusion, and violence. We must promote an inclusive society where everyone can live with dignity and respect, regardless of their gender identity. Through awareness-raising campaigns and sensitization programs, we can create a supportive environment for trans individuals and encourage youth to be allies for trans rights. This will require collaboration between community members, civil society organizations, and government institutions. Together, we can ensure that the voices of trans individuals are heard, and their rights are protected. Let us work towards building a more inclusive society where every individual can live with dignity and equality.

Domestic Child Labor is crime in Pakistan

Child domestic workers are often victims of sexual abuse, physical torture, and even death. Children are forced into this kind of labor due to poverty and are often trapped in the cycle of exploitation and abuse. The Good Thinkers Organization demands that the minimum age for domestic workers be 18 years in all provinces of Pakistan to protect children from exploitation and to ensure their rights are upheld. We urge the government and all stakeholders to take concrete steps to eliminate child labor and provide children with access to education, healthcare, and basic needs.

Signed MOU with Police Department

United we stand for a cause! Police Department-Kasur and GTO-Pakistan have signed an MoU to work jointly for the protection of the rights and welfare of marginalized segments of society, particularly focusing on transgenders, children, women and persons with disabilities in District Kasur. Let’s make a difference together!

On behalf of Good Thinkers Organization Mr. Waqas Abid Adv President of this organization and on behalf of District Police Department, Mr. Tariq Aziz District Police Officer signed the agreement.



CSOs Meeting with Provincial Legislators on Trans-Rights Legislation in Punjab

Civil society organizations (CSOs) are playing an important role in advocating for the rights of transgender individuals in Punjab. To further this advocacy, a meeting has been scheduled between CSOs and provincial legislators to discuss trans-rights legislation. The meeting will focus on identifying ways to promote greater protection of the rights of transgender individuals and the legislative changes that may be necessary to achieve this goal. CSOs will be invited to share their insights and experiences regarding the challenges faced by the transgender community in Punjab, and to provide recommendations on how the provincial legislature can support their rights. Through this meeting, the government hopes to strengthen its collaboration with CSOs in promoting greater equality and protection of rights for the transgender community.

Capacity building Workshop for Free Legal Aid Committee

GTO- Pakistan is dedicated to promoting legal aid and access to justice for all. As part of this mission, we are organizing a capacity building workshop for Free Legal Aid Committee members. The workshop aims to enhance the knowledge and skills of the committee members in providing legal aid services to those who cannot afford it. Through interactive sessions and practical training, the workshop will equip the committee members with the necessary tools to effectively provide legal aid services to their clients. By strengthening the capacity of the Free Legal Aid Committee, we hope to increase access to justice for marginalized communities and promote a more equitable and just society. Join us in our efforts to promote legal aid and access to justice, and register for our capacity building workshop for Free Legal Aid Committee members.

Consultation with Political Parties on Child Protection Laws in Punjab

The Punjab government is considering changes to child protection laws and is consulting with political parties for input. The goal is to strengthen laws and policies that protect children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The government recognizes that political parties can play a crucial role in shaping public opinion and policy, and their input is valuable in the legislative process. The consultation process aims to ensure that the views of all political parties are considered when drafting or amending laws related to child protection. The proposed changes are part of a broader effort to improve child protection services in Punjab, and the government is committed to working with all stakeholders to ensure the safety and well-being of children in the province.

Police Capacity Building on Child Protection Laws

Police capacity building on child protection laws involves training law enforcement officers to understand and effectively enforce laws that protect children from abuse, exploitation, and neglect. The training typically includes educating officers on the relevant legal frameworks, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child and national laws related to child protection. Capacity building can also involve teaching officers how to identify and respond to cases of child abuse or neglect, as well as how to work with child protection agencies and other stakeholders in the community. By improving police capacity on child protection laws, law enforcement agencies can better protect children and prevent crimes against them, ultimately contributing to a safer and more just society.

Demand Legislative Reforms for Trans Community

Good Thinkers Organization is playing a leading role for advocating legislative reforms for the transgender community in Punjab. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their gender identity, should have access to basic rights and live with dignity. The transgender community in Punjab faces numerous challenges and obstacles in their daily lives, including discrimination, harassment, and violence. Through our website, we aim to raise awareness about the issues faced by the trans community and mobilize support for legislative reforms that can help address these challenges. We believe that by working together, we can create a more inclusive and just society where every individual has the opportunity to thrive. Join us in our fight for equality and demand legislative reforms for the trans community in Punjab.

Meeting with Chairperson Punjab Bar Free Legal Aid Committee for Child Protection in Punjab

The government of Punjab recognizes that access to justice is a fundamental right, particularly for vulnerable groups such as children. To ensure that children in the province have access to free legal aid services in cases of abuse, violence, and neglect, a meeting has been scheduled with the Chairperson of the Punjab Bar Free Legal Aid Committee. The meeting will focus on identifying ways in which the legal community can support child protection efforts in the province. Discussions will center on the provision of pro-bono services for the surveillance of child abuse, violence, and neglect, as well as strategies to increase awareness of the importance of child protection. The Chairperson will be invited to share their expertise and provide input on how to ensure that children have access to the legal services they need to protect their rights. The government is committed to working with the legal community to build a more just and equitable society for all children in Punjab.

CSOs Capacity Building on UN Human Rights Monitoring Mechanism

Civil society organizations (CSOs) in Punjab held a meeting with provincial legislators to discuss trans-rights legislation. The CSOs highlighted the need for legal recognition of gender identity and expression, protection against discrimination, and access to healthcare and education for the transgender community. They emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and inclusive approach to the legislation, taking into account the diverse experiences of the community. The legislators were urged to engage in constructive dialogue and ensure that the legislation is drafted and implemented in consultation with the transgender community. The CSOs expressed hope that the meeting would pave the way for a more equitable and just society for the transgender community in Punjab.

Sensitization on Trans-Rights Protection with CSOs

The rights of transgender individuals are often overlooked or ignored, leading to discrimination and violence. In an effort to promote trans-rights protection, the government is partnering with civil society organizations (CSOs) to provide sensitization on this issue. Through these sensitization sessions, CSOs will educate the public on the importance of respecting the rights of transgender individuals and the consequences of discrimination and violence. The government hopes that this will lead to a better understanding of the issues faced by the transgender community and greater support for their rights. The sensitization sessions will also provide an opportunity for members of the transgender community to share their experiences and raise awareness of the challenges they face. This will help to build a more inclusive and accepting society that values diversity and human rights.

Support to Flood Effected Communities in South Punjab

Good Thinkers organization provided support to communities affected by floods in South Punjab. The floods have caused significant damage to homes, infrastructure, and crops, leaving many families in need of assistance. GTO has allocated resources to provide emergency relief, including food , Clothes and medical assistance to affected communities. GTO is committed to ensuring that the needs of the flood-affected communities are met and is working closely with local authorities and relief organizations to provide timely and effective assistance.

Meeting with Lawyers Community for Child Rights Protection in Punjab

Good Thinkers Organization (GTO) is a non-governmental organization that recognizes the importance of protecting the rights of children in Punjab. To further this cause, GTO has organized a meeting with the legal community to discuss child rights protection. The meeting will provide a platform for lawyers to share their experiences and insights on the challenges faced by children in Punjab, and to provide recommendations on how the legal community can better support their rights. Discussions will focus on strengthening the legal framework for child protection and ensuring that children have access to justice. The government of Punjab has expressed support for this initiative, recognizing the importance of working collaboratively with NGOs and the legal community to promote child rights protection. GTO’s efforts to create a more just and equitable society for children in Punjab are greatly appreciated, and the government is committed to working together with GTO and other stakeholders to further this cause.



Interface Meeting Between Trans-CSOs and Elected Members of Provincial Assembly for Trans-Rights Legislative Reforms in Punjab

The Good Thinkers Organization recently held an interface meeting between trans-CSOs and elected members of the Provincial Assembly in Punjab to discuss legislative reforms aimed at protecting the transgender community from abuse, neglect, and violence. The Members of Provincial Assembly pledged their full cooperation in implementing legislative measures to ensure the protection of the transgender community. The event provided a platform for the transgender community to share their experiences of violence and abuse. All participants resolved to work collaboratively towards a sustainable solution to the issues faced by the transgender community through the development of comprehensive legislation in Punjab, Pakistan. The commonwealth Foundation supported this Project.

Media Briefing on State of Child Rights in Pakistan

The Good Thinkers Organization recently held an orientation session to raise awareness about the state of child rights in Pakistan. During the session, Mr. Waqas Abid, Advocate and President of GTO-Pakistan, provided an overview of the laws related to children in Pakistan and their current implementation status. Mr. Abid highlighted the importance of the media in raising awareness about legal issues related to children’s rights in Pakistan, particularly in Punjab. He emphasized that protecting the rights of children is crucial in building a better and more efficient society.



Empowerment of Girls

Girls’ empowerment is crucial for the overall development and progress of any society. It involves ensuring that girls have equal access to education, health care, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The Good Thinkers Organization in Pakistan has taken an important step towards girls’ empowerment by establishing a Children Club. The club provides a platform for children to learn about their basic rights, particularly focusing on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). By empowering girls through education and awareness, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive.

CSOs capacity Building on Child Rights Legal Issues

Good Thinkers Organization in Pakistan recently organized a capacity building session on child rights legal issues for civil society organizations (CSOs). Legal experts from GTO-Pakistan provided valuable insights and enhanced the awareness and understanding of participants on the laws related to children in Pakistan. The session highlighted the gaps in the current legal framework and focused on the Juvenile Justice System Act 2018. The event was attended by prominent NGOs working on child rights, as well as members of CRM-Punjab. The aim of the session was to equip CSOs with the knowledge and skills required to effectively advocate for and protect the rights of children in Pakistan.

Universal Children Day Celebration in Lahore-Pakistan

The Good Thinkers Organization celebrate Universal Children’s Day by organizing a variety of events and activities. They could hold awareness-raising sessions, workshops, and art exhibitions that encourage children to express themselves and their views on important issues. Sports and games events could also be organized to help build children’s self-esteem and social skills. The organization could hold fundraisers to support local charities and cultural events to promote understanding and respect among different communities. Whatever the event, the Good Thinkers Organization could make a meaningful impact by raising awareness about the importance of protecting and promoting the well-being of children in Lahore and beyond.

Trans-Rights are Human Rights

Trans-rights are human rights, and it is essential to recognize and protect them. Transgender individuals are a marginalized group who face discrimination, harassment, and violence based on their gender identity. Denying trans people their basic human rights, such as the right to access healthcare, education, and employment, is a violation of their dignity and autonomy. Trans-rights activism seeks to challenge these barriers and promote the equal treatment of all individuals, regardless of their gender identity. Ensuring that trans individuals have equal access to all human rights, including legal recognition of their gender identity, is crucial to creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Meeting with DGM NCHD-Pakistan on Child Rights

GTO arranged meeting with the DGM NCHD-Pakistan on child rights could be an opportunity to discuss the current state of child rights in the country and identify ways to improve it. It could involve discussing the challenges that children face, including access to education, healthcare, and protection from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. The meeting could also focus on highlighting the importance of child participation and inclusion in decision-making processes that affect their lives. By engaging with the DGM NCHD-Pakistan on child rights, stakeholders can work together to identify gaps in policies and programs and develop strategies to address them. The ultimate goal is to ensure that children’s rights are protected and that they are provided with a safe and supportive environment to grow, learn, and thrive.

Human Rights Awareness for Transgender Community

Human rights awareness for the transgender community is essential to promote their equal treatment and dignity. Transgender individuals are often subjected to discrimination, stigma, and violence due to their gender identity, which violates their fundamental human rights. It is crucial to raise awareness among society about the human rights of transgender individuals and the challenges they face. This includes educating people on the rights to healthcare, employment, education, and legal recognition. Human rights awareness can also promote inclusion and support for transgender individuals, reducing the stigma and discrimination they face. It is important to create safe spaces where transgender individuals can feel valued, respected, and included in society.

Capacity Building Workshop for CSOs on Children Related Laws

A capacity building workshop for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) on children related laws could be an effective way to improve their understanding and implementation of legal frameworks related to child rights. The workshop could focus on educating CSOs on national and international laws related to children’s rights, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It could also provide an opportunity for CSOs to share their experiences and best practices in implementing children-related laws. The workshop could also focus on building the capacity of CSOs to monitor and report on violations of children’s rights, and strengthen their advocacy and lobbying skills to push for policy changes that promote and protect the rights of children.

Discussion on Legal Issues of Transgender Community

Awareness Raising on Child Birth Registration

Meeting Lawyers on Protecting Human Rights in Pakistan

Advocacy for Child Birth Registration at village level in Punjab Pakistan

Consultation with CSOs on Child Protection Legislation in Punjab-Pakistan

Lawyers Capacity Building on Children Related Laws and Role of Lawyers in Protecting rights of children in Punjab

Strategic Planning for Child Rights Protection in Punjab

Community Engagement Session for Sustainable Solution of grassroots level issues

Workshop for Child Rights Movement Punjab on UNCRC

Capacity Building of Union Council Members on
Effecient services delivery at grassroots level

Construction of 10 Toilet Blocks for Girls Schools in Rural Kasur

Legal Awareness Session with Citizens

Fact Finding of Child Abuse and killing incidents in Kasur

GTO Staff Progress Sharing & Planning Meeting

Session with Civil Society on Child Protection Laws in Pakistan

Civil Society dialogue for Child Protection Laws in Punjab

Capacity Building session with Children, Adolescents and youth

Celebration of Universal Children day 2022

Interface Meeting between GTO and Social Welfare Department to Empower Persons with Disability

GTO is proud to collaborate with the Social Welfare Department of K in a mission to empower Persons with Disability. In a recent meeting, high officials from both organizations came together to develop a comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation, welfare, and development of individuals with disabilities. The group aims to explore potential support from the government while mobilizing resources from the non-profit sector. This joint effort will create a positive impact on the lives of those with disabilities, providing them with access to necessary resources and promoting their inclusion in society.