WASH, Basic Health & Education​

Due to open defecation in rural areas, young girls, pregnant women and old people face multiple health and protection issues. GTO identified worst poor 55 households and constructed household level toilet blocks in 55 houses. Similarly, GTO constructed 20 Toilet blocks in Government Girls Schools. Through awareness seminars, children and their parents were sensitized on Health and Hygiene issues. The organization constructed various streets in backward areas and resolved sanitation issues.

On the basis of research findings, concluded by GTO, the organization is working on HIV/AIDS prevention and Treatment for Transgender Community in Pakistan. Through different interface meetings between Government Departments and Trans-Leaders, the GTO is struggling to make sure HIV testing and treatment facilities are available at District and Tehsil Level in Punjab. The organization is capacitating Trans-leaders and Trans-Led organizations to take leading role for prevention and treatment campaign for sustainable solution of this issue. Through seminars, Social and Print media, the organization is enhancing awareness and sensitizing general public for the rights of Transgender Community and their social acceptance.

Through non-formal education, the GTO is reducing child labor from different industries of Kasur. The organization established a drop-in Center to educate working children and giving vocational skills to their adult family members. Multiple sessions on human rights, health and hygiene are conducted on daily basis in these centers.